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Nov 28, 2012

Gift wrapping inspiration: ribbon art

Hello everyone, sharing a bit of inspiration with you on this rather gray Wednesday. I came across the artist Baku Maeda project Ribbonesia's blog and found his work so beautiful and original I had to share. 

Here is a sample of his work; he uses fabrics and ribbons in a very creative way to make 3D sculptures. To see more check out his blog

Nov 22, 2012

Nov 20, 2012

Autumn in the country

rusted metal
bull skull in leaves
yellow leaf against rusted metal

Dimanche: brunch chez Edgar

Dimanche dernier, j'ai fait une belle découverte locale en allant "bruncher" accompagnée de mes amies chez Edgar.  J'ai eu un coup de coeur pour ce petit resto mignon comme tout, convivial à souhait, le personnel chaleureux et souriant, leur menu alléchant et bien sur, leur cuisine délicieuse à bon prix.

la terasse coquette de chez Edgar
la terasse extérieure
dessert chez Edgar
menu de chez Edgar
au menu ...

Nov 17, 2012

Polyvore sets featuring my jewelry

Sets created by numerous talented polyvore users. It's interesting to see how people imagine wearing my creations, their tastes and creativity. It also gives ME ideas ... thanks polyvore! To be included in this collection, click on the link Sets featuring my jewelry :) and follow the instructions. Jo.

Nov 13, 2012

Get 10% off your next purchase

I want to welcome new blog members by giving them a big HUG. 10 % discount for your next purchase in my etsy shop when you become a member of this blog.

10% off coupon code from my etsy shop Colyfoli

The coupon code will be e-mailed to you after you join my blog and will be valid towards your next order in Colyfoli's shop. The 10% will be applied to the total of your order before taxes and shipping fees and will be valid for one order only. The order can contain multiple items or just one.  Take advantage and stock up, gift yourself or someone else! The offer cannot be paired with any other promotions or discounts but it is redeemable on "sales"items. Here's how it works:

Nov 11, 2012

Hello world! My blog is here.

This is my first official blog post, hurray! I've worked hard to get here as I am a complete blog newbie. First, let me introduce myself to the Blogosphere; my name is Josée Meunier McAllister a.k.a joseeMM and my friends call me "jo". I am a self-represented artist (acrylics & watercolor) and jewelry maker from Quebec/Canada. I am the owner, curator, designer and creator of a small hand made jewelry business named Colyfoli and I sell on Etsy. I am very passionate about everything I do. Anything that involves manual work and creativity attracts me. A true DIY-er, I love to paint, knit, crochet and craft. I also like to garden, travel and do yoga in my spare time, when I have some.

These are only a few of the topics I'll be covering here. I would also like to share opinions, inspirations, discoveries on subjects that captivate me such as: hand crafted goods, arts, music, design and travels. Mainly, I decided to start my own blog to promote myself, my artwork and my jewelry by creating a sense of community. I want to communicate and interact with people who have similar interests as me, do some networking and learn. I also want to share insights on my creative process, inspiration sources, exclusivities, new collections, work-in-progress, events I participate in, fun giveaways and promos with my fans and blog members.

I will be posting in french (my "langue natale") from time to time since I feel much more comfortable and fluent in. So please DO correct my mistakes and be patient with my syntax as I am and will always  be learning. However don't worry I will have a translation written or a translator gadget-y-thing ready for you when needed. This blog will be evolving a lot. I plan on improving, renewing it as often as I can. I believe that :

optimism, hope message

I'm really excited to receive your feedbacks and interact with you, so don't be shy and become a member, subscribe, follow as you wish and please, oh please, share if you love! ;) You are more than welcomed to contact me via my contact form or by commenting on the posts. I can't wait to read you. Other ways you can follow me, interact and get updates are with my accounts on the following sites:

Facebook - EtsyTwitter - Pinterest - Google+ - Website

There it is my own "hello world!" Wow, this feels great! Now, let's get this blog rollin', shall we?