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Apr 16, 2014

ART&FAIT formally known as Colyfoli - new name and branding design

Here it is! The new identity for my handmade jewelry business, formally colyfoli, now ART&FAIT.  I was never completely satisfied with the old name and logo design but, when I started out, I needed something fast and didn't put too much toughs into the branding.  Since I am currently completing a two years degree in graphic design, I did my own branding as a school project. Here's a small infographic that somewhat explains the creative process of the new brand identity, business cards and collaterals to come soon.  I've created it for my new Behance account, my favorite source of inspiration. Softwares used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

Re-branding for Art&Fait infographic

Give me your thoughs on it. Jo xo

Mar 12, 2014


Le changement. Parfois il se fait naturellement, parfois il faut le provoquer. Parfois il est rapide, parfois il prend son temps. Parfois excitant, souvent inquiétant.  Un pas vers l'inconnu, l'incertain, dans l'espoir d'un meilleur lendemain. Le confort, le quotidien, le famillier et l'habituel sont certes très agréables mais non-permanents. S'y ancrer obstinément est de succomber à nos peurs, les laisser gagner sur nos rêves, nos envies ...

Je rattrape un peu le temps qui s'est écoulé depuis ma dernière publication.  Depuis beaucoup c'est produit dans ma vie. J'ai voyagé, j'ai peint, j'ai dessiné, j'ai pensé, j'ai douté, je suis tombée et me suis relevée.  Tout ça m'a apporté à faire des changements. Le plus important est que j'ai fait un retour aux études à temps plein après 15 ans.  J'ai entrepris une formation de 2 ans en infographie.  Ce qui me laisse moins de temps pour faire des bijoux, peindre et partager mes création sur mon blog. Mais, j'apprends plein de choses passionnantes à propos de sujets fascinants.  Le language visuel. La typographie. Le traitement d'images et photoshop.  J'adore mes cours! J'ai hâte de démontrer mes réalisations et mon savoir-faire nouvellement acquis.

À bientôt,

Jan 2, 2014

Mes voeux pour la nouvelle année 2014

nouvel an new year wishes by JoseeMM À tous mes lecteurs, clients, amis, collègues et ma famille, je souhaite la meilleure année 2014. Bonheur, amour et santé. Soyez bons, enver les uns les autres, mais surtout enver vous-même. Bonne année à tous.

 To all my readers, clients, friends, colleagues and my family, I wish the best year for 2014. Hapiness, love and health. Be good, to one another and to yourselves. Have a good one.

Josée MM

Jul 10, 2013

mon jardin saison 2013

Quelques photos de mon jardin fleuri que je voulais partager :

rosier miniature by JoseeMM

Mar 21, 2013

welcome spring!

in desperate need for some green, I take comfort in these little sprouts of hollyhock that spring gave me :)

Mar 14, 2013

First polymer clay beads

I've been playing around with polymer modelling clay (Fimo), a new medium for me.  I am definitely including some clay creations in the upcoming spring - summer 2013 jewelry line. Still in "experimental mode";  I will post more bead pictures as I go and finished jewelry featuring them .  Here's the little gems I've crafted so far:

handmade polymer clay beads collage by JoseeMM

Feb 14, 2013

1st giveaway winner announcement

Congratulations to  Heather!

She has won the Win an original "give thanks for a little" quote artwork draw and will be receiving this package shortly.

Feb 2, 2013

My African Safari in Tanzania

African Safari in Tanzania by JoseeMM

In June 2012 I had the most wonderful chance to join two of my friends in Tanzania, Africa for a Safari.  This is one of last year's event I am the most grateful for. It is the best trip I had in my life. The wildlife, the scenery, the culture, the learning experiences ... everything was so enriching, new and unique.  Here's a few favorite pictures of my adventure:

African woman in the streets of Arusha, Tanzania by JoseeMM
Women in the streets of Arusha near the lodge we stayed at.
Everyday life in the streets of Arusha, Tanzania, Africa by JoseeMM
Everyday life in the streets of Arusha, Tanzania.
African Safari pictures. Elephant at lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania by JoseeMM
Our first elephant during a game drive in lake Manyara National Park.

African Baobab tree by JoseeMM
The Baobab trees at lake Manyara ... so impressive!

Valley near Ngorongoro conservation park, Tanzania, Africa by JoseeMM
A valley near Ngorongoro conservation area.

Ngorongoro crater, the cradle of life, Tanzania, africa by JoseeMM
A good view of the Ngorongoro crater. The cradle of life, my highlight!

Ceremonial dance with Maasai women and children by JoseeMM
Me with the women and children of a Maasai tribe. They performed
and invited us to join them in a ceremonial dance and signing
to welcome us.  It was magical!