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Nov 11, 2012

Hello world! My blog is here.

This is my first official blog post, hurray! I've worked hard to get here as I am a complete blog newbie. First, let me introduce myself to the Blogosphere; my name is Josée Meunier McAllister a.k.a joseeMM and my friends call me "jo". I am a self-represented artist (acrylics & watercolor) and jewelry maker from Quebec/Canada. I am the owner, curator, designer and creator of a small hand made jewelry business named Colyfoli and I sell on Etsy. I am very passionate about everything I do. Anything that involves manual work and creativity attracts me. A true DIY-er, I love to paint, knit, crochet and craft. I also like to garden, travel and do yoga in my spare time, when I have some.

These are only a few of the topics I'll be covering here. I would also like to share opinions, inspirations, discoveries on subjects that captivate me such as: hand crafted goods, arts, music, design and travels. Mainly, I decided to start my own blog to promote myself, my artwork and my jewelry by creating a sense of community. I want to communicate and interact with people who have similar interests as me, do some networking and learn. I also want to share insights on my creative process, inspiration sources, exclusivities, new collections, work-in-progress, events I participate in, fun giveaways and promos with my fans and blog members.

I will be posting in french (my "langue natale") from time to time since I feel much more comfortable and fluent in. So please DO correct my mistakes and be patient with my syntax as I am and will always  be learning. However don't worry I will have a translation written or a translator gadget-y-thing ready for you when needed. This blog will be evolving a lot. I plan on improving, renewing it as often as I can. I believe that :

optimism, hope message

I'm really excited to receive your feedbacks and interact with you, so don't be shy and become a member, subscribe, follow as you wish and please, oh please, share if you love! ;) You are more than welcomed to contact me via my contact form or by commenting on the posts. I can't wait to read you. Other ways you can follow me, interact and get updates are with my accounts on the following sites:

Facebook - EtsyTwitter - Pinterest - Google+ - Website

There it is my own "hello world!" Wow, this feels great! Now, let's get this blog rollin', shall we?

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