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Jan 3, 2013

DIY photo booth props freeby

I have designed these fun diy photo props in photoshop for you to use in your pictures. Scroll down to read the full tutorial, material list and to download the free printable pdf template.
diy free printable photo booth props by

diy photo booth props

materials needed:

material needed for the tutorial- cardboard scarps (from recycled boxes)
- card-stock paper
- printer
- peices of wrapping or scarp-booking paper
- glue (i used feather spray glue and general crafts white glue)
- good scissors
- exacto knife
- wooden sticks
- paper clips
- a marker and a pencil
- glitters (optional)
- tape

Start off by printing my free pdf template to use as a stencils (link to file at the bottom).
1- You can either cut off the shapes and trace them by hand or use your prefered method to tranfer the image onto rigid cardboard (i used cookies and cereal boxes from the recycle bin).
2- Now cut along the lines using scissors or exacto knife.
3- Spray with feather glue and sprinkle glitters if you like or glue on a peice of decorative wrapping paper, scrap-booking or solid color paper / light cardboard. 
4- Cut off excess paper carefully following the edges of the cardboard shape.
5- Glue the wooden stick behind your prop with white crafts glue and secure with paper clips until the glue dries.  You can also secure with a peice of tape for more solidity.

sparkle glitter on the propglue a stick behind your prop and secure with a peice of tape

the final results, many props for much photo fun!

the photo props finished by

me and the props in action with a Justin B's prop on new year's eve:
photo props in use with joseemm and Justin Beeber's prop

Click the image below to download the free pdf template:

You will need a pdf reader to open the file. If you haven’t got it download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at printable pdf template for photo props by
the pdf file is 3 pages and includes three pairs of eyeglasses (hipster oversized, retro 2013 and 80's inspired), three mustaches and two talking bubbles you customize by writing whatever you like in.

Please send me or post links of your prop pictures in the comments, I would love to see your funny pics. If you share the tutorial or files associated with it; please give credits to
Enjoy, share and laugh!!
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