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Nov 28, 2012

Gift wrapping inspiration: ribbon art

Hello everyone, sharing a bit of inspiration with you on this rather gray Wednesday. I came across the artist Baku Maeda project Ribbonesia's blog and found his work so beautiful and original I had to share. 

Here is a sample of his work; he uses fabrics and ribbons in a very creative way to make 3D sculptures. To see more check out his blog

all images (C)2010 Ribbonesia All Rights Reserved

Not saying I could ever achieve the same results, but it gives me ideas for the upcoming holiday season's gift-wrapping-fest. To get even more inspiration, ideas and freebies for wrapping your christmas or other presents, check out my pinterest boards "wrap me fancy" and "xmas stuff". In this busy, sometimes crazy time of the year, do you take the time to make your present's wrapping more special and personalized? 

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